Tota Comfort System PRO Series Double Bridle


As the latest evolution of the Tota Comfort System, our PRO series bridles feature luxurious, supple, and durable leather in our US patented noseband design!  Multiple design details make these bridles second to none, with superior comfort for the horse that translates into a quieter mouth and better connection. 

Decades of innovation from riders, vets, and judges led to the development of the Tota Comfort System. Strategically placed, tapering padding and an extra large chin pad further diffuse pressure away from the horse's head, pulling buckles and straps away from sensitive areas of the horses's face.  T-flash attachments in the noseband and a streamlined throatlatch design allow either to be removed or added as desired for maximum customization.

Complete list of features:

- PRO Series Tota Comfort System Noseband, complete with extra large Tota Comfort System Chin pad, crank strap, and padding on the sides and bridge of the noseband to diffuse pressure away from the head

- Removeable throatlatch

- Extra padded, cut back headstall

- Snap-on, snap off browband for easy adjustments

Sizes: Cob, Horse, Oversize