Professional Saddle Fitting

How many saddle fittings have you had and yet your saddle still doesn’t fit?

Are your vet and chiropractor still saying that your horse’s back is sore from an ill-fitting saddle? We service all makes and models of saddle and bridles and have now created our own brand of premium saddle called the "Tota Comfort System".

Professional Saddle Fitting

Turn those saddle fitting and tack repair nightmares into dreams: The Dressage Connection brings over 20 years of experience fitting saddles of all makes and models as well as repairing and restoring boots, bridles, halters, saddles, and basically any piece of tack or equestrian equipment. Their master saddle fitter and designer, Charles Tota is the mind behind the Tota Comfort System design. Dressage, hunter, jumper, and event riders can find solace for all of their tack woes via The Dressage Connection.


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Tota Comfort System Collection
Tota Comfort System Evolution Saddle


Each evaluation will include an on site saddle examination – no obligation – and recommendations for fitting. 

Tota is not brand specific; we work on all makes and models. If any service is needed, he will perform on site from the Tota Mobile Unit. Saddles can be re-flocked or the tree adjusted to compensate for muscle development.  Follow up fittings and in person observations ensure the saddle and horse are moving as one.

Over 20 Years Experience in Saddle & Bridle Fitting

In addition, The Dressage Connection's staff of master saddlers can perform any repairs on saddles and boots from replacing seats, knee rolls, flaps, billets, boot zippers, patches and dye and shine. No job too small; no job too big.

Free consultations are available on a limited basis, and satisfaction is guaranteed.  Discover what thousands of FEI, International, and Olympic riders prefer when adjusting their saddle! Consult free with travel expenses paid. 

Contact us now to alleviate all your saddle fitting worries!


Tota Comfort Mobile Unit:

Looking to bring elite saddle fitting to your area? We offer exceptional fitters to fit your saddle correctly at your home stables, which allows the ability to ride while the fitter is there to ensure the highest quality fitting.

Get a group of 10 or more riders together and we will travel to you. Travel expenses will be split between all participants.


2022 Destination Saddle Fit





Travel expenses split per horse. Subject to change upon fuel or air fair prices.

$1,000 per day plus all expenses.  Splits between all horses seen.


$175.00/ Each


Shipping costs if tack is sent ahead, shipping and insurance.



Re-flocking Saddle


Re-Angle Tree

Re-Angling Tree with Tree Machine


Saddle Shopping

Looking for a new/used saddle? Trying out new and used saddles.


Saddle Consult

Checking pad options or fit on non-adjustable saddle.



New Billet on Saddle

$50.00/ Each

Above items are most common services, however more available upon request.

Have a group ready to go? Call or email to set up an appointment, please let us know requests 2 weeks prior to ensure items are received before arriving.