Tota Comfort System Pro Curb - Sweet Iron

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Our Tota Comfort System Pro Bits are designed with the highest quality metals and design.  The Tota Comfort Pro Curb is a classic performance design constructed of Sweet Iron with the option of three mouth widths: 12cm, 14cm, and 16cm.  All of our Tota Comfort System Pro Sweet Iron Curbs feature a thickness of 12mm and 7cm shanks. 

Sweet Iron's purpose is to disguise the metal flavor and create a pleasant, sweet taste, encouraging the horse to seek more contact and hold on to the bit. Following use, sweet iron will start to oxidize and turn brownish grey, this is to be expected.  The more the sweet iron oxidizes, more ‘sweet’ taste will be released.  When this happens the ‘blue’ will almost disappear.  Includes curb chain.