Neue Schule Trans Angled Eggbutt Snaffle Bit 8022-E


The Neue Schule Tranz Angled Lozenge 16mm Eggbutt Bit is designed to help promote true and consistent contact. It offers the stability within the mouth needed to boost the horse's confidence while encouraging it to seek the bit and take the reins forward.

Typically beneficial for short necks and excellent for directional control, the comfortable, ergonomic mouthpiece design makes it unlike traditional eggbutt bits that may cause a lack of response or cause the horse to brace against the hand.

The rounded center lozenge is set at a 20° angle to activate feel over the tongue. When contact is taken, the lozenge rolls gently down to contour smoothly over the tongue's thicker, less sensitive center, thereby enabling clearly defined rein aids.

Arms are slightly curved for comfort and oval shaped to take up less room between the tongue and upper palate than circular mouthpieces. 16mm Salox® mouth and stainless steel cheeks.

Neue Schule bits offer high performance and superior comfort for all horses in any discipline and at every level.

Created for enlightened riders, all the inspired bit designs feature mouthpieces made of Salox® Gold, a high copper alloy specifically formulated to rapidly reach and maintain the temperature of a horse's mouth, encouraging softness and relaxed acceptance. This attractive metal has anti-tarnishing properties to maintain its luxurious look.

Driven by the needs of the horse and rider, the "new school" bit design philosophy involves the creation of ergonomic mouthpieces that are engineered using the latest CAD technologies for exceptional comfort and effective communication.