Tota Comfort System Cayman Double Bridle - Brown

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Tota Comfort System Cayman Double Bridle - Brown

A unique twist on our classic black Cayman model, this bridle is identical to its brother model but with rich espresso brown leather and a beautiful orange crystal wave browband!  The Cayman Double Bridle features our Tota Comfort System Noseband on a softly padded headstall. The easy snap-on, snap-off closures make changing the browband a breeze - no need to take the entire bridle apart!

The Cayman Double Bridle also comes with both a set of stopped and plain reins, hook studs on all fastenings, and has no throat latch. All straps are an elegant half inch wide to flatter the horse’s profile a 3cm Tota Comfort Nosebands is standard.  To create a fully customized Tota Cayman double bridle in black, click to shop our Tota Cayman "Build a Bridle" Double!

The patented Tota Comfort Noseband is designed decrease the force on the horse’s poll, TMJ and the nerves along the side of the face. The modest crown has a single large loop on top that contains the bridles bit strap. The bits are adjusted with a single buckle one on each side of the horse’s cheek. This headstall fits most horses very well with its simple streamlined design.

Customize your bridle (classic black only) with the Tota Cayman "Build a Bridle" Double by clicking here