Tota Comfort System

Tota Comfort System

The Tota Comfort System is an innovative line of tack intended to maximize horse and rider comfort and performance.  Innovative, cutting edge designs set the TCS tack above average equestrian equipment, and incorporate equine anatomy and biomechanics to create a better bridle & saddle. 

How it works: TCS Bridles

- revolutionary design features curved cheek pieces

- significantly reduces pressure on the poll and facial nerves

- developed with the goal of improving comfort, performance, and connection for the equine athlete

- 100% legal for competition with the FEI, USDF, USEF, and USHJA

How it works: TCS Evolution Saddle

inspired by 20 years of saddle fitting expertise

- constructed of supple German leather and a custom designed tree

- open, cut away design allows for freedom of movement of the equine shoulder blades, addressing a major design flaw in many dressage saddles

- monoflap design

- interchangeable kneerolls

- reinforced leather in high friction areas

- custom fitting standard via The Dressage Connection

- less than half the price of a average modern dressage saddle due to exclusively sourced materials without compromising quality

With the input of some of the world's best riders, the TCS designs can be found in competition arenas from the US Dressage Festival of Champions and CHIO Aachen to the World Equestrian Games and Olympics.  Combined with an unbeatable price point, we at The Dressage Connection stand behind each piece of equipment and commit to the highest level of quality before our tack is put on the horse.  

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  • Tota Comfort System Chin Pad
    Tota Comfort System Chin Pad

    Tota Comfort System Chin Pad

    Tota Comfort System

    The Tota Comfort Chin Pad replaces the original chin pad on your existing bridle, providing a cushion and stabilizing feel for the horse.  The Tota...

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