Herm Sprenger KK Ultra Eggbutt Bradoon 14MM


Herm Sprenger KK Ultra bits are adapted to the anatomy of the horse's mouth. KK Ultra Bits were developed after extensive research at the Veterinary University in Hanover, Germany. The results revealed some new findings: the interior volume of the mouth was less than previously thought and the palate was smaller and flatter. Therefore, the space left for a bit is quite limited. KK Ultra bits take advantage the research and of the exceptional sensitivity of the tongue by shortening the link and turning the link 45 degrees. These two changes caused the link to rest fully on the tongue without squeezing or pinching it. With the link resting fully on the tongue the sense of touch is utilized and clear instructions can be passed through the reins.

• Sensogan® material
• No squeezing or pinching by the link
• Clear instructions given as the tongue's sense of touch is utilized
• No pressure put on the palate

14MM thickness, available in 5" and 5.25"