Tota Comfort System Freedom PRO 1 Dressage Saddle


Our original Tota Freedom PRO design, the Tota Comfort System FREEDOM Saddle is the result of years of experience and innovation, plus a unique tree designed to completely free the horse's shoulder!  This saddle features a wider twist compared to the narrower Freedom PRO 2, and a webbed seat that cushions the rider and provides superior flexibility.  The tree is our own unique customizable Nylon design, providing an equal level of flexibility and comfort for the horse.  


  • Finest German leather
  • Custom Nylon fully adjustable tree
  • Wool Flocked
  • Complete shoulder freedom
  • Wide gullet
  • Soft deep seat
  • Interchangeable knee rolls

Technical Specifications:

  • Width: Adjustable
  • Size: 17,17.5,18,18.5

For more information, trials, and saddle fitting, fill out the saddle inquiry form or give the office a call!  561 790 7858