New Arrivals: Montauk, Freeport, Bimini, Browbands, and TCS Evolution Saddle at The Dressage Connection

New Arrivals: Montauk, Freeport, Bimini, Browbands, and TCS Evolution Saddle at The Dressage Connection

Wellington, FL (May 8, 2019) - The Dressage Connection's line up of innovative equestrian products just added a few new names to the list. Inspired by founder Charles Tota's 20 years of experience with saddle fit and tack design, the new additions include 3 bridles, a wide selection of handcrafted, one-of-a-kind brow bands, and the next generation of Tota Comfort System saddles. All of new tack features significantly lower than industry standard pricing, made possible via exclusive sourcing and manufacturing, all without any reduction in quality, durability, style, or fit. The avant garde designs and incredible pricing are part of The Dressage Connection's dedication to providing innovation, next level performance, and expert fit in all aspects of equine tack and equipment.

New bridle additions include the Montauk, Bimini, and Freeport, following in The Dressage Connection's tradition of Caribbean inspired names. All are available in both snaffle and double, and include various pressure relieving and design options. The Bimini is defined by its standard noseband and gently curved crown piece, while the Montauk's swooping crown piece sets it apart and provides for the distribution of poll pressure. Both the Bimini and the Montauk start at $299 for the snaffle, $399 for the double.

As the most luxurious of the new bridle designs, the Freeport includes patent leather on the noseband and brow band, a cushioned crown piece, and Tota Comfort System crank noseband. The patented, FEI approved Tota Comfort System bridle design can also be added to any of The Dressage Connection's bridles, along with other upgrades like custom brow bands, patent additions, and mix and match sizing to ensure the perfect fit.

The next generation of TCS Evolution saddle is the ultimate combination of quality and value. Constructed of supple German leather and with a custom designed tree, the TCS Evolution saddle's open, cut away design allows for freedom of movement of the equine shoulder blades, addressing a major design flaw in many dressage saddles. The monoflap design also features interchangeable kneerolls, reinforced leather in high friction areas, and custom fitting standard via The Dressage Connection. Finally, thanks to exclusively sourced materials and manufacturing, the TCS Evolution starts at less than half the price of a average modern dressage saddle, despite its exceptional design, construction, and durability.

The TCS Evolution also lives up to its name in that it is completely adjustable. Changes in the equine wither, shoulder, and back no longer require a new saddle as the Evolution can be molded perfectly to any horse. Charles Tota of The Dressage Connection travels the US and internationally fitting and evaluating the best techniques to keep horses comfortable in the tack. As horses change with age and training, the Evolution follows.

As the perfect accent to a line up of innovative tack, The Dressage Connection's stunning brow band designs are as eye-catching as they are varied, providing for the perfect bridle addition for any sense of style. From the dazzlingly sparkly to subtle brilliance, these handcrafted, 100% custom creations are now available at The Dressage Connection.

All of the new TCS products will be online in the next few weeks, and you can view all the TCS accessories, currently posted bridles, and the TCS Simplicity at the links below:

Tota Comfort System Simplicity
Tota Comfort System Crystal Browbands
All TCS Bridles and Accessories

The Dressage Connection's wide ranging inventory provides everything the competitive equestrian needs, from fashion and function to innovation. The Tota Comfort System noseband, which is approved by the FEI for international competition, is designed to reduce pressure and nerve pain on the poll, face, and mouth of the horse. In use for many years by Olympic and international riders, the Total Comfort System is an option to be added to all Tota Comfort System bridles, in addition to traditional designs.

For more information on The Dressage Connection or Tota Comfort System, visit the website at or contact Charles Tota at or 561 531 0609.

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