Tota Comfort System Sternum Relief Girth


Sternum Relief Girth (24", 26", 28", 30", 32") revolutionary design which relieves the pressure of the girth on the horse's sternum bone with a pocket designed into the shape of the girth.  BROWN AVAILABE 

The Tota Comfort System Sternum Relief girth works to help protect the sternum and the delicate connections of the true ribs from excess pressure.

The sternum in horses is different than the solid human breastbone as horses have a collection of small bones fused together with cartilage. The wide stiff center section of the Tota Comfort Dressage Girth is contoured and padded to support this delicate part of the horse’s anatomy.

The equine sternum is solid because it has no joints between the small bones, but it is not single ridged structure and a girth that doesn’t distribute force away from this tender area can adversely effect a horse and its way of moving.

The Tota Comfort Sternum Relief dressage girth has large roller buckles and strong elastic webbing on both sides.  The leather is rolled nicely on the edges to help prevent rubbing and there is pretty pipping highlighting the wide center section. 

Color: Black (Brown can be custom ordered, please call).