Simplicity: Newest Bridle Design from The Dressage Connection

Simplicity: Newest Bridle Design from The Dressage Connection

Wellington, FL (April 12, 2019) - The next generation of Tota Comfort System innovation is taking it back to basics. The first of four new bridles to hit the market, the TCS Simplicity combines the innovative Tota Comfort design and quality with a traditional bridle structure, without the extra bells and whistles such as a crystal browband, crank cavesson, or comfort design crownpeices. The base price of the Simplicity reflects its elementary design, allowing a wider range of riders, trainers, and disciplines access to the Tota Comfort System.

To celebrate the launch of the Simplicity, The Dressage Connection is offering the Simplicity, along with upgrades like Tota Comfort System crystal browbands, on sale for a limited time! Visit The Dressage Connection's website ( or the specific links below:

Tota Comfort System Simplicity
Tota Comfort System Crystal Browbands
All TCS Bridles and Accessories

The Tota Comfort System will also introduce three additional bridles as part of the new line, including the Montauk, Bimini, and Freeport models. Each of the new bridles will feature a lower price point than the original Tota Comfort System, and different headstalls, cavessons, and custom fittings to accommodate each horse's anatomy.

The Dressage Connection offers additional incentives towards bridle purchases; during the Simplicity sale, any bridle purchased will come with a $50 gift certificate towards the bit of your choice.

The Dressage Connection's wide ranging inventory provides everything the competitive equestrian needs, from fashion and function to innovation. The Tota Comfort System noseband, which is approved by the FEI for international competition, is designed to reduce pressure and nerve pain on the poll, face, and mouth of the horse. In use for many years by Olympic and international riders, the Total Comfort System is an option to be added to all Tota Comfort System bridles, in addition to traditional designs.

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