Tota Comfort System Evolution PRO Series


Designed to be an exceptionally close contact saddle, the Tota Evolution PRO Series features an integrated panel and flap that reduces bulk under the leg and provides the closest possible contact to the horse.  

The saddle features a nylon framed tree with a fully adjustable gullet plate and a uniquely webbed seat.  Unlike other full nylon trees, this is an old school webbing that allows more give in the seat, and is not stiff or rigid.  For the rider, this means being closer to horse; the webbing allows for a more supple seat as it gives with the rider's weight.  The knee rolls have a slight forward angle to give more freedom in leg, great for riders with long femur.  The fully flocked panels customize each saddle to fit each horse, and the pulled back front panels reduce interference with the movement of the Thoracic sling muscles.

Each Tota Comfort System saddle is crafted with German and French leather, and accents can be custom ordered. 

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16", 16.5", 17", 17.5", 18", 18.5"