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About Hennig Saddlery

Since 1986 Hennig has set the standard in saddlery handcraft with innovative research on horses. In the beginning we were sometimes smiled at but today our developments have set new standards in saddler handcraft. Suitable for the horse – that is our motto.

Hennig, is for riders who expect high performance of their horses and want to support it with the best in equipment.

At The Dressage Connection we are thrilled to work closely with Hennig in Germany to make all our client’s dreams come true from the perfect fitting saddle to a gorgeous custom bridle, call us to place your custom Hennig order today.

Hennig Dressage Saddle @ The Dressage Connection
Hennig Dressage Saddle @ The Dressage Connection

Hennig Saddles

Famous for our inovative tree Hennig is now offering the first saddle tree with free moving points and for the first time ever the head iron will lay outside of the panels. The MFT ground breaking design will revolutionize saddle making and give the horse unprecedented freedom of movement. Learn more about the MFT tree here.

At the Hennig workshop they use only specially tanned leather with a high content of fat. The leather is pliable with a good grip, is extremely durable, and it gives you a great riding experience from the beginning. Their saddle is built with a layer system: towards the horses’ back there is a smooth support made of latex foam which separates moisture from the wool. Closest to the saddle tree a wool as stuffing is used. Then wool is then added to create the final fit.

The optimum goal is that your proper seat position is achieved, and that the filling is softer than the horses’ muscles.This is the only way to achieve optimal back movement.

Custom fit is not the only specialty at Hennig, colors, designs and embellishments of every type and kind can be added to your saddle from crystals to interchangeable decorative cantle panels. If you want your saddle to look as amazing as it feels Hennig and The Dressage Connection are ready to help, contact us today.

Hennig Dressage Saddle @ The Dressage Connection

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Hennig Bridles

The practical experience gained by Hennig from their business and from years of watching horses and riders interact is part of every detail of their bridle collection. They develop bridles that inspires customers to dream.  At The Dressage Connection we like nothing better than bringing the Hennig bridle collection to American riders.

All Hennig bridles feature the unique crown adjustment system which places buckles away from the horse sensitive facial nerves and the twist hook studs that make removing bits and reins simple every time. The function of Hennig bridles is unmatched as is the the beauty of the embellishments they add from crystal browbands to colored piping and padding.

Hennig Bridle @ The Dressage Connection

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