Brown Tota Comfort Noseband 4cm (wider) Width


The Objective of the Tota Comfort Noseband is to eliminate the forward momentum of the bridle relieving poll pressure and changing the angle of the cheek pieces so as to bypass the TMJ joint and many of the delicate facial nerves along the horse’s face. The Tota Comfort Noseband is only available at the Dressage Connection.

This noseband can be fitted to most bridles, you may need a converter strap to attach the noseband to your existing bridle. The 4cm noseband is 2.25 inches wide and has 5/8 buckles.  

The Tota Comfort Noseband improves feel for the rider and comfort for the horse by relieving poll pressure and helping alleviate TMJ joint irritation.

Offered exclusively by The Dressage Connection, the Tota Comfort Noseband combines anatomical expertise with elite tack design to revolutionize the fit, function, and performance of the bridle.

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